Henry’s Foundation Repair has provided outstanding quality steel pier foundation repair services to the residents throughout Arlington, Texas and throughout the DFW metroplex region. Our company is based here locally; therefore, we understand the foundation problems that homeowners here are often confronted with. The ground that your home is built upon is prone to shifting because the clay-based soil is prevalent throughout the North Texas area. With steel piers, your home is much less likely to shift and it will be safer and stronger!

Steel piers are long-lasting, extremely tough and durable and give you the confidence in knowing that your home is always solid, stable and safe! Are you wondering how much steel piers cost? Henry’s Foundation Repair always provides you with free estimates and will never leave you worried or wondering how much this important foundation repair costs. The cost of steel piers fluctuates depending upon steel prices at the time of installation; however, in the long run steel piers are a smart choice for your home! Contact us today at (682) 297-2500 and schedule your free consultation with our steel pier installation expert!

Steel Pier Installation

Using a hydraulic jack, steel piers are pressed deeply into the ground underneath the foundation of your home. Steel piers are one of the greatest developments ever manufactured for foundation repair! Because steel piers can be pressed very deep into the ground, they provide tremendous support and stabilization for your home! A positive advantage is that steel piers are not affected by erosion or moisture that accumulates in our clay-based soil. Henry’s Foundation Repair understands that you do not want your lifestyle affected by our steel pier installation. Not a problem!

With our extensive experience in steel pier installation, Henry’s Foundation Repair usually will complete your steel pier foundation installation in just a few days! The precise amount of time that the installation will take depends upon the number of steel piers that you need. Our Certified Foundation Repair Inspector will examine and evaluate your soil and then determine the number of steel piers that are necessary, the depth of each steel pier and the precise location of each pier. Steel piers are very versatile! They are an excellent choice for supporting both pier and beam foundations and concrete slab foundations! The strength of steel piers cannot be beat! Call Henry’s Foundation Repair today at (682) 297-2500 for your free evaluation and estimate!

Contact Us For Steel Pier Foundation Repair

Henry’s Foundation Repair knows that you want the best, safest and strongest support for your valuable residence! Of course you do! For a free consultation with our foundation repair expert and a free inspection of your foundation, call Henry’s Foundation Repair today at (682) 297-2500!

With Henry’s Foundation Repair, you can count on the fact that you will receive quick, professional installation of your steel piers and the lowest prices to be found anywhere! We guarantee it!