Always remember that your home is a valuable investment! Would you feel safe and secure if your foundation was not strong or stable? Of course not! It is exceptionally important to keep your foundation in premium condition, as it is the platform on which your home stands! Henry’s Foundation Repair has provided superior pier and beam foundation repair services to the homeowners throughout the DFW metroplex region for over 20 years.

We know the clay-based soil that is prevalent throughout the North Texas area and understands the pier and beam foundation problems that homeowners here are frequently confronted with! Are there places on your floors that are sagging or seem like they are uneven? If this is a problem that you are dealing with, you need pier and beam foundation repair! The best way to halt pier and beam foundation issues is to call Henry’s Foundation Repair at (682) 297-2500!

Example illustration of a pier and beam foundation repair.

Concrete Piers

How old is your home? Homes in older, established neighborhoods often have wood shims, or support piers, that are susceptible to rot and decay. Henry’s Foundation Repair installs concrete piers combined with steel piers to reinforce and strengthen your pier and beam foundation.

Concrete piers are exceptionally strong, affordable and long-lasting. The best way to ensure that your pier and beam foundation is stable and structurally sound is to contact us today at (682) 297-2500! Give us a call and schedule your complimentary consultation with our pier and beam foundation repair expert!

Steel Pier Foundation Repair

Are you noticing that you need pier and beam foundation repair? Never put this off; otherwise, your home will disintegrate over time! Steel piers are not affected by the clay-based, shifting soil that is so common in our area. Henry’s Foundation Repair drives the steel piers deep into the ground until they rest upon bedrock.

When our pier and beam foundation repair experts combine both concrete piers and steel piers to repair your foundation, we are able to provide you with the security of a strong, stable, structurally-sound foundation at a reasonable cost! To schedule your free inspection on your pier and beam foundation, contact Henry’s Foundation Repair today at (682) 297-2500!